About us

About us

Greater Bay Holdings Berhad is an investment holding company

We were incorporated in 2023 with a dream to identify, capture and build on the opportunities across the ever-growing and developing ASEAN region. Since our inception, the group is primarily engaged in:

Manufacturing Business in Paper, Laminated Flexible Packaging for Food and Medical Industries
Real Estate / Property Investments and Management

We Invest and Grow

Our Values

Why Greater Bay Holdings?

We strive to create a group operating in a broad range of industries in a way that reflects the following pillars of value creation for our stakeholders:

Growth through connections, from our local operations in Malaysia to various business partners and engagements across the ASEAN region and the rest of the world

Bravery to think outside the box, and go where no one dares to

Aim high to achieve new goals and break barriers

Yearn to continuously learn, develop, and innovate in order to adapt to an ever-changing global economy and world order

Our Businesses

For Food, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Household Industries

Flexible Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technology (M) Bhd

Reg Number: 198201003236 (82982-K)

Our packaging division provides flexible laminated packaging services that:

Boasts complex layers of printed, barrier and sealable films to create the optimal structure for content protection, storage, and branding.
Cater to the food, pet food, pharmaceutical, medical and household care industries (ISO, GMP, and FSSC-certified)
Allows customers to realise lower costs, lighter transport requirements, and sustainable or recyclable solutions while assuring their product safety and use

Property & Real Estate Investments


Sino Peak Sdn Bhd

Reg Number: 202101022556 (1422856-D)

Our property division encompasses properties in well-developed and high growth areas that can:

Support international branding for clients / tenants
Sustain long-term growth and appreciation in value